Some tricks with TNT

Hello everyone, we are starting a series of articles about our favorite game and life-hacks that improve your gaming experience. Today we will talk about such a wonderful think as TNT.
We often face problems that need to make a mine, but it takes a very long time with a simple pickaxe. And voila - we have TNT, with which we can blow up many blocks at once. This will not only make your life easier, but also make it more colorful. By the way, did you know that TNT is used with redstone to create traps? It turns out very powerful things ... Ah, and since with TNT you can blow up large pieces of the map - and I’m now talking not only about natural landscapes, but also about artificially built houses, for example, the player who raided your house Keep in mind! By the way, to everyone who wrote us in massage the word “TNT” on our Facebook, we will add 200 coins to the balance. Have a nice day and good game!

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