Hello guys. We have released new v3.3.2 of Worldcraft on Google Play and Amazon! 

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- Localization improvements and update

- Added Swedish localization

- Fixed all problems with In-App Purchases of Coins and Game shop

- Touch controls improvements

- Fixed various multiplayer disconnect issues

- 3D performance improvements

Great update with many new features added: Electricity and Redstone, new types of range weapons, spawn eggs for mobs! 

-    Added Redstone circuit and electricity in Survival Multiplayer mode! Build whatever Redstone circuits you can imagine! 
-    New crossbow range weapon. Get stronger in PvP battles with multiple crossbows loaded. Shoot more arrows with better accuracy!
-    New fireball range weapon. Fire all enemies and hostile mobs around you and more!

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Hello guys. We have just released new v3.0 of Worldcraft on Google Play! Get it now: 
- Added FAMILY SKIN PACK – choose your favorite role and create your family in Multiplayer modes!
- Added translation and localization of the Game to German and Russian languages. You can also switch between languages real time in the main menu
- Now you can export any skin to Minecraft Game. Just select the skin, go to Options->Multiplayer and press “EXPORT SKIN TO MINECRAFT” button
- Multiplayer network speed improvement 
- 3D rendering optimization

Hello everybody! Now you can tame wolves in Survival Multiplayer! Yay! 

Watch the video below to learn more about it.


Everybody knows Minecraft by its high popularity and creative possibilities. But today we want to tell you about another game like Minecraft - WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft!

World's Popular Online Sandbox Game with two unique game modes (Creative Multiplayer and Survival Multiplayer) - PlanetCraft - updated to v3.3.1 on Google Play. 

In new v3.3.1 you will be able to use hot new features, such as Friend List: Now you can make your own friends and create private chats with them! You can teleport to your friends from Friend List instantly! Sounds great, right? Download New Update Now!