PLANETCRAFT | Excited update with SHOP, TRADER NPC, ELECTRICITY and more is out on all platforms

Good news today! Great Update with many new exciting features now available on Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon, Amazon Underground! Download now!


- Added new great SHOP with categories and many items to buy using coins. Now you can buy anything you want: FOOD, ARMOR, WEAPON, TOOLS and even SPLASH POTIONS!
- Added fee coins in the SHOP. Now you can earn some coins for FREE!
- Now we have TRADER NPC in the spawn zone. He sells all items cheaper! 
- New FAMILY skin pack. Choose your favorite role and create your own family in Multiplayer modes! 
- New item – HOME POINT. Use HOME POINT set your respawn point after death.
- New and better 3D models for some of the mobs


- Private Maps are now displayed with 3 columns: Top by Likes, Top by Online, Top by Newest. 
- Private Maps now shows all maps that you have liked and disliked
- Private Maps that you can’t modify are now labeled with read-only icon
- All Friends’ Private Maps are now displayed in the separate Friends TAB 
- Added Electricity in the Single player Survival mode. 
- Numerous graphical improvements: teleport portal rendering, block textures improvements


Download Planet Craft Now!