World's Popular Online Sandbox Game with two unique game modes (Creative Multiplayer and Survival Multiplayer) - PlanetCraft - updated to v3.3.1 on Google Play. 

In new v3.3.1 you will be able to use hot new features, such as Friend List: Now you can make your own friends and create private chats with them! You can teleport to your friends from Friend List instantly! Sounds great, right? Download New Update Now!

Hello everybody! We have good news for you today! WorldCraft updated to v2.4.1 on Google Play! We have added new texture packs to the new update: Modern and Technology! Now you have in the game four texture packs: Modern, Technology, Medieval and Classic. Use them in your Creative, Survival and Multiplayer games! 

Modern texture pack is very bright and colorful, all blocks have realistic design. Technology texture pack is darker than Modern texture pack, it has also realistic design, but this pack has more technical details in blocks design like chips, electricity etc.